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CompTIA A+ Certification Practice For Dummies app for iPhone and iPad

4.4 ( 5424 ratings )
Reference Education
Developer: gWhiz, LLC
9.99 USD
Current version: 3, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 04 Dec 2009
App size: 2.42 Mb

Prepare for the CompTIA A+ Certification exam – the fun and easy way!

Earning an A+ Certified Professional status can offer you a real career boost, and this app is packed with the study and practice tools you need to help you pass the test and get that A+ after your name.

This must-have app covers the CompTIA A+ Essentials Exam (220-801) and Practical Application Exam (220-802) and is a great addition to your test prep toolbox. Packed with study questions on everything from hardware to operating systems to networking, troubleshooting, maintenance, and more, this app will reinforce what you’ve already learned and help you gain valuable test-taking experience on all the exam objectives.

App Features:

- Multiple Choice Study Questions broken out into individual topic areas so you can target your study skills and better understand the content you must master to meet each exam objective

- Full-Featured Practice Tests simulate the actual test-taking experience and help you prepare for the real thing

- Useful Test-Taking Tips provide an overview of both the CompTIA A+ Certification exams, guidance on scheduling your test, advice on what to expect on exam day, and information on how your exam will be scored

- Detailed Analytics track your quiz history and category strengths and weaknesses allowing you to flag problem areas and customize your study plan

- Countdown timer for YOUR A+ Certification Test Date gives you a daily reminder on the app homescreen of how many days you have left to practice for the A+ exam

Get a jump on your IT career and make your A+ Certification exam a little easier with the CompTIA A+ Certification Practice For Dummies app as your guide!

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Pros and cons of CompTIA A+ Certification Practice For Dummies app for iPhone and iPad

CompTIA A+ Certification Practice For Dummies app good for

Im giving this 4 stars. It got the job done and I actually learned something new with this. There is a vast amount of information in this app. It does have some bugs, like some answers not showing because they are cut off where the windows ended. You would scroll up and it wouls still be cut off. There are also just some flat out wrong answers as well as questions that dont even give you an option for a correct answer like the answers given were for another question. Other than that this was not bad at all.
Have they made an update yet fixing the cut off answers and the wrong ones? There should be no flat out wrong answers at all. The A+ is unforgiving and one wrong answer could be a dealbreaker for many in regards to passing or failing te test.
Its a good product, I do come across a few problems though, sometimes during one practice tests theres duplicate questions and also Ive come across a few questions where the answers you choose from have 2 answers that are the same so theres 3 choices instead of 4. Apart from that its a great app

Some bad moments

I think Practice Tests are the best part of this application. You can try a few practice questions when youve got the time and do not have to lug around a big book. I also like the Study Questions which tells you why you selected the right or wrong answer.
I am preparing for my cert in a couple of months and have just finished an A+ Certification course at my city college. This app is fantastic ! Whenever I have a minute or two I do some studying with this app and it even remembers where I left off. Its not cheap but neither is the $168 per test X2 to get certified. Get this one and good luck with your cert.
The information was good but questions where not like real exam. The questions where more straight knowlage based while the real exam was scenario bassed. I was failing every chapter review exam and getting worried about test day. Went and took the real exam and made a 800 on both to pass! Saying that, if you know and understand the material questioned about in the app you will be king of the computer geeks and ace the A+ exam.
Wish it included atleast a pdf of the book though. Very informative and a good preparation for the real thing. Definitely worth it if you are trying to get certified.
This app has so many problems and has been neglected for a long time. Im so F***ing pissed off. I want my money back Get the Pearson Education app.
Please separate test material it would make studying a lot easier.