CompTIA A+ Certification Practice For Dummies App Reviews

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Great ap

More than met my expectations

Not Bad

Im giving this 4 stars. It got the job done and I actually learned something new with this. There is a vast amount of information in this app. It does have some bugs, like some answers not showing because they are cut off where the windows ended. You would scroll up and it wouls still be cut off. There are also just some flat out wrong answers as well as questions that dont even give you an option for a correct answer like the answers given were for another question. Other than that this was not bad at all.

Have they fixed the wrong answer issues yet?

Have they made an update yet fixing the cut off answers and the wrong ones? There should be no flat out wrong answers at all. The A+ is unforgiving and one wrong answer could be a dealbreaker for many in regards to passing or failing te test.

Good Product

Its a good product, I do come across a few problems though, sometimes during one practice tests theres duplicate questions and also Ive come across a few questions where the answers you choose from have 2 answers that are the same so theres 3 choices instead of 4. Apart from that its a great app

very helpful for test prep

I think Practice Tests are the best part of this application. You can try a few practice questions when youve got the time and do not have to lug around a big book. I also like the Study Questions which tells you why you selected the right or wrong answer.

Sweet App !

I am preparing for my cert in a couple of months and have just finished an A+ Certification course at my city college. This app is fantastic ! Whenever I have a minute or two I do some studying with this app and it even remembers where I left off. Its not cheap but neither is the $168 per test X2 to get certified. Get this one and good luck with your cert.

Very informative. Not like real exam

The information was good but questions where not like real exam. The questions where more straight knowlage based while the real exam was scenario bassed. I was failing every chapter review exam and getting worried about test day. Went and took the real exam and made a 800 on both to pass! Saying that, if you know and understand the material questioned about in the app you will be king of the computer geeks and ace the A+ exam.


Wish it included atleast a pdf of the book though. Very informative and a good preparation for the real thing. Definitely worth it if you are trying to get certified.


This app has so many problems and has been neglected for a long time. Im so F***ing pissed off. I want my money back Get the Pearson Education app.

Test Material

Please separate test material it would make studying a lot easier.

error that can cost you!

they fixed the errors and brought it to ipad! Unfortunately the buttons are VERY small and bunched together resulting in a ton of wrong answers..

Greatest study tool ever

I just got my certification and this app helped me remember all I needed to know and ace both tests. A bust have for anybody serious in getting A+ certification

Good tester but very glitchy

I havent taken either test for A+ cert yet, but I do like this apps tester. However, its got some glitches. If a question has long answer choices, a graphical glitch prevents some (or in some cases ALL) of the final answer choice from being readable. Also, the quizzes on the objectives have no option to return you to the apps home screen - the only way to get to a different part of the app is to shut off the phone completely and reboot; simply exiting the app doesnt work because youll be put right back into the objectives when you go back into it.


I just got done taking the practical application part of the test and bombed. I studied this material for weeks and got a 96% on the full practice exam which includes 240 questions. When I took the exam for I received 0 questions that were even remotely the same as the ones included in this software. For God sake do not buy this application thinking it will even remotely prepare you for the A plus exam.

Wrong answers!!

I liked the app itself but while taking the practice tests I found more than one of the answers were wrong!!! Serious problem!! This needs to be addressed. I paid $20 for this. Do not buy till they fix it.

I feel like a dummy for buying this

Its helpful, but for what it costs I expected a better, more robust study aid. In the practice exam, answers that are correct are shown as wrong sometimes, with the correct answer describing the exact answer selected, or something entirely different that was not even a choice. Additionally, while the practice exam allows you to choose how many questions you want to be asked, starting at 25 and going up from there, theyre not random. If you want to do 25 question practice tests, its always the same 25 questions. Not very helpful. I dont always have time to sit and go through EVERY question there is! The "Days Until Test" countdown is a nice touch, however, that I havent seen in other practice apps. Its also more colorful than others that I have used. Bottom line, however- if Im relying on a test to check my knowledge, I have to be able to trust the test. Unfortunately, I find that I cannot trust this app. Id forgive this if it were free, but it cost me $9.99, and is not worth a 5th of that.

Great app

Definitely worth the money. Its up to date and accurate. It has helped me a lot.

Just ok

Excessive focus on legacy technologies, which are not mentioned in the current exam objectives.

Did not help

I reviewed this study guide for hours and took multiple practice tests in the app only to realize once I took the exam that 90% of the questions were not on the actual exam. Waste of $10.


I thought Id download this app as a little refresher, but found the test questions were the same as the ones that were already outdated when I took the exam a decade ago. If you want to know about SCSI buses, dot matrix printers, VGA resolution, and socket types for 386 CPUs, this is maybe the premiere application. Otherwise, there is zero value to be found.

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